paper butterflies for baby

When I first started thinking about blogging I came across a lovely, DIY paper butterfly collage from The Idea Room. Check out their version here. I knew I had to try this on my own, and soon. Once the little thing called my wedding was out of the way, I clipped a few coupons for Michaels, picked up a butterfly punch, glue, and some pretty, eye popping paper, and zipped over to Ikea. I originally planned to use a standard frame, but fell in love with the extra deep Ribba shadow box instead. It worked just as I planned…that is, it showcased the butterflies’ beauty and kept their delicate, paper wings from being squished.

This particular collage is for a very special, soon to be born baby. Karl and I can’t wait to meet our new (and first!) little niece or nephew.

I’m so in love with this project, however, that I plan to make many, many more. If you’re lucky, perhaps you’ll unwrap one in the future.

There’s something about these butterflies that just seems so graceful. Totally in love.

One thought on “paper butterflies for baby”

  1. I totally want one of these gorgeous butterfly collages! Will you make one for me???

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