blizzard 2.0

In 1993 I experienced my first blizzard ever in Tennessee. We had 13 inches of cold powder, my grandparents visiting from North Carolina were stranded with us for a few days, and I wore trash bags inside my rain boots for a little extra insulation. I thought then that it was the most snow I would ever see! Every succeeding snow was measured against that amazing storm.

Today, 17 years later, I’m watching close to 14 or more inches fall in the Twin Cities. It’s a cozy way to spend a Saturday. In addition to lots of crafting, we’ve made cinnamon struessel muffins, peanut butter swirl brownies, chicken and sausage stew, sipped lots of Diet Dr. Pepper, shoveled our sidewalk about 2 times, worked with our neighbors to dig out Karl’s car in anticipation of the declared Snow Emergency, pushed out two stuck motorists, and met several new good Samaritans and neighbors in the process. As I told Karl earlier, “we’re snow martyrs.” Enjoy a few more pictures of our winter wonderland below:

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