a big southern wedding in the midwest

Today, on the 3-month + 1 day (but who’s counting?) anniversary of being married, I finally found some quality time to blog about my most favorite day. On October 23, I married my best friend and celebrated the occasion with our amazing family and friends. Despite a few clouds and a bit of drizzle outside, the day was absolutely perfect.

To guide this post a little more (because it’s strangely hard to figure out how to put it all into words) I’m going to list a few of the fun things about the big day that I compiled into the collage you see above.

1. Pretty pink and green business cards doubled as table assignments. I pre-printed the word “table” onto a business card template and then used a hot pink Sharpie to fill in guest names and tables.

2. I loved having a chance to use lots of vibrant green button daisies.

3. The table numbers were handmade using chipboard, scrapbook paper, and plenty of glue sticks.

4. Technically my colors were navy and apple green, but it wouldn’t be my wedding without something pink.

5. We made all the flower arrangements using blooms from the Farmer’s Market thanks to a team of incredibly talented mothers, neighbors, and friends.

6. I had the privilege of having two vintage cake toppers. The one pictured above belongs to a friend of my grandmother and was so delicately stunning. I used my grandparent’s cake topper for the actual cake. So lucky that we found it just in time! Here it is:

7. Red Tree vineyards makes a delicious and affordable selection of wines. And the red and white label is totally lovely.

8. Back to the cake….it was so, so good!

9. Having a heritage table with photos of our parents’ and grandparents’ weddings was the perfect combination of vintage, class, and love.

My other favorite things included my sister reading this poem during our ceremony, my father holding my arm tightly down the aisle, reassuring me I wouldn’t trip, my mother fixing my handmade veil just so, the aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who came from near and far to be with us, getting a brand new Minnesota family, laughing and smiling until my face hurt, holding Karl’s hand, and pinching myself to make sure it was all real.

Here are a few more peeks into a wonderfully overwhelming day:

One thought on “a big southern wedding in the midwest”

  1. I LOVE THIS POST. what a great reflection to a FANTASTIC DAY. :)

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