mini pies and red velvet cake balls

{mini cherry pies}

Last Friday we hosted a potluck dinner party complete with two smoked chickens, several delicious sides, many delightful friends and lots of miniature pies and red velvet cake balls. I had Friday off from work so it was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at the mini pies I’ve had my eye on over at Not Martha. These little cuties were so fun to make and smelled just like pop tarts when they came out of the oven!

{mini apple pies}

{yum yum}

In addition to drooling over the recipes and craft projects on Not Martha lately, I’ve also been scoping out the tiny treats Bakerella cooks up over on her website. I fully recognize I’m pretty far behind on the whole cake ball bandwagon, so I figured it was high time I try making her famous red velvet treats myself. Turns out they’re pretty delicious! My favorite part of the cake ball process was either crumbling up a whole cake or watching the chocolate coating harden…it’s hard to decide! The recipe can be found here.

{first ever cake ball photo session}

{sprinkles of course}

{mmm…red velvet}

What sorts of miniature desserts do you like to make?

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