modpodge cardboard letters

I’m excited to share a little tutorial on how to turn boring cardboard letters into lovely, personalized initials. I first started this project back in January at Lauren’s fabulous girl’s retreat. Three of the 4 ladies took their initials home at the end of the weekend….Maggie, I’m almost done with yours, promise! :)

First, gather your supplies:

cardboard letters {I found mine at Papersource, but I think JoAnn’s or Michaels carry them as well}
selection of heavy duty scrapbook paper
1 or 2 small bottles of craft paint {I chose a neutral gray}
Mod Podge
several paintbrushes
acrylic sealer spray

{a few of my favorite Amy Butler papers}

The next step is to choose several coordinating scrapbook papers. Most of my letters were completed with three different patterns of paper.

Once you have your paper picked out, trace one side, the middle, or the bottom (you choose!) of the cardboard letter on to your scrapbook paper with a pencil. This is your guide for how much and what shape to cut out of each paper pattern. In the photo below, I chose to use the green geometric print for half of the “M.”

{adding some color!}

Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the back of the paper cut out. Place the paper directly onto the cardboard letter, taking care to make sure everything lines up. (If your paper runs over the edge of the letter, just trim it off later.) Press down to secure the paper to the letter. Repeat the tracing and gluing process until the entire front of the letter is covered. Let dry.

{two letters in progress…}

Once the papers are attached to the front of the letter, grab your paint brush and paint Mod Podge all over the front of the letter. Repeat process three times, letting Mod Podge dry in between coats.

After the final Mode Podge coat is dry, paint the remaining sides, bottom, top, and back of the letter with your craft paint of choosing. My letters needed several coats of paint to look their best. Let everything dry for several hours.

{gettin’ my crafy face on}

Then, go outside and spray your letter with acrylic sealer. This will give it a glossy luster and a durable, protective finish.

Finally, find a lovely place to display your new letter! Maybe on a bookshelf, side table, or in your craft room.

{three finished letters!}

{close up}

See, easy peasy! This is also a perfect DIY gift idea!

6 thoughts on “modpodge cardboard letters”

  1. Beautiful letters! You have amazing talent!

  2. Meredith! These are great! Would you ever want to make some letters for Anders’ room? This is exactly what I wanted to add to the wall, in addition to some selected baby photos.

  3. Yay! One of those M’s is proudly displayed on my cube wall! Love it!!

  4. Thank you for the lovely compliments! Sarah, I would love to make some for Anders’ room! If you want to put them on a shelf the cardboard letters would be great…if you want to hang them on a wall I could do the same technique with flat wooden letters. Fun summer project!

  5. I’m going to make a set of initials for Hannah Marie Dale! (and for Stu and myself!). Great idea! Also so wonderful to visit with you and Karl on Sunday. After we left, Stu said to me, “They are officially my favorite couple.” Can’t wait to spend some more time together! Love love love. xoxo

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