tennessee wedding: handmade decorations

Not a whole lot of time to write today as I have a special guest in town this weekend…my sister Emily! She’s had a good taste of MN summer…farmer’s markets, lake walks, and hot and humid temperatures! We’ve gone shopping, out to lunch, had a BBQ, visited my baby nephew and relatives, scoured the consignment racks for 1/2 price bargains, poked through the many nooks and crannies of Hunt and Gather, and cooled off with delicious Caribou peach tea. She heads home tomorrow but I’m so glad she took a few days out of her summer to visit us up north!

The pictures above are of the escort cards {handmade by me} and cute initials for the guest book table {handmade by Emily}. I used scrapbook paper, funky scissors, and delicate twine from PaperSource for the escort cards. Definitely easy to create, but not so easy to make 130 of them!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful (and cool!) weekend wherever you may be!

One thought on “tennessee wedding: handmade decorations”

  1. Can’t believe you got to go to Hunt + Gather! I’ve been dying to go there.

    Also, great job on the cards. I can bet that they are a pain to make, but wow, they turned out super good! I like that you used different patterns — really good choices.

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