tennessee wedding:flowers

{bridal bouquet}

{bridesmaid’s bouquet}

{head table}

{head table flowers and glowing vases!}

Karl and I just returned home after a whirlwind weekend trip to Kansas to visit my grandmother. This was Karl’s first time meeting her as she isn’t able to travel anymore and didn’t attend our wedding last October. After a very delayed and problematic time getting out of the airport in Minneapolis on Friday we arrived in Wichita around 2:30 a.m.! So in between visiting family and catching up on sleep I’ve been a bit behind on posting more about Emily’s wedding.Above are all the beautiful flowers from the wedding! The neatest thing? The groom’s mother, a former floral shop owner, did these all herself! They coordinated with the wedding colors (pink and aqua) perfectly.

The last installment in this series will be photos of a little more decor, the delicious cake, and a few thrown in for fun!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are gearing up for a great week ahead!

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