dear Boden

Dear Boden,

You had me at hello. From the first moment I discovered you sitting on the break room table at my very first big girl job, I knew we’d have a long and colorful relationship. The patterns of your skirts and tops make my heart swoon. The jewels on your dresses are just the right amount of sparkly. The models you showcase make life in your clothes look so. much. fun.

Then, you went and outdid yourself. You already had my eye. Now you have my whole heart. Thanks for sending me a fall preview catalog with a cover entirely personalized for me. Your cover made me look twice, up close, and even impressed Karl, my real-life true love. I bet you did this for all the girls, but that’s ok. This love letter’s a total framer. Way to score some big time loyalty points, Boden.

{I swoon}

{pencils, buttons, polka dots, oh my}

{so clever!}

{apologizing just because…you’re a thoughtful one, Boden}

{how did you guess that I love colored pencils?}


p.s. Do any readers out there love Boden as much as I do? Did you get a personalized catalog too?

2 thoughts on “dear Boden”

  1. Isn’t that so cute?! I saw that on someone else’s blog and I thought that has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen a company do! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. […] I painted my favorite Friday Night Lights quote on a wood slab and framed some fun photos from childhood. The “Meredith” framed picture is from a very special Boden catalog. […]

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