26 + a kindle case

{the pucker up…a mini lemon berry cupcake}

I turned 26 this past Wednesday and celebrated with a cute little cupcake from Sweets Bakeshop (if you live in Mpls or St. Paul, check it out!), fun cards and presents from family and friends and a brand new kindle touch!

I spent the weekend catching up on life after a fantastic work event last Tuesday, cleaning, organizing my closet for spring, sandal shopping and reading books on my new kindle. Worried that I might scratch it without a protective case, I sewed an Amy Butler fat quarter into a little sleeping bag case of sorts for my new reader. The whole project was a simple exercise in measuring and sewing in straight lines — very easy to do without a pattern. Just iron your fabric, measure your kindle, sew it up and add a fleece liner for extra security. Start to finish was approximately 20 minutes.

{still have a few threads to clip…}

I love easy sewing projects – minimal time and maximum reward. If you need a kindle case, let me know…I have lots of beautiful scrap fabrics that would love to be turned into something functional!

Here’s to a great start to the week!

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