New House Decor: Hey Ya’ll

{oh hey, blinding beacon of light from the side door}

Ever since I saw this wooden “hey ya’ll” sign on Pinterest, I couldn’t get it it out of my head. As soon as we started to tour new homes to rent, I thoughtfully took in each room in the homes we visited, trying to determine which wall I wanted to put this sweet southern greeting on.

Once we got slightly settled in our new place, I went ahead and purchased it from Slippin’ Southern on Etsy. What a cute shop…there are all sorts of fun slang sayings, letters and wooden objects and creatures painted in bold, bright colors. Ideally, I’d love to have a beach house or a bright white kitchen wall that I could add more of these to! I love the grits, yes ma’am and button cut outs especially.

{mmm, love me some southern cheese grits}

{on the craft room decor wish list}

{mind your manners, please}

It only took a week for my “hey ya’ll” to get here and was so easy to hang, thanks to pre-cut grooves on the back! It’s very light weight and the sunflower yellow is absolutely the perfect patina. I love having one more touch of “home” on our walls!
Go check out Slippin’ Southern…I highly recommend shop owner Gregory’s work! What creature or saying would you pick for your house? Maybe the ampersand, aloha or a trio of little fish?

{all images via Slippin’ Southern on Etsy}

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