The Big Gallery Wall Reveal

Several nails, pins and lots of level use later, the gallery wall is up! I finished it in time for our housewarming party this past weekend and am really happy with how it turned out. Everything featured in the wall has a story behind it or is symbolic in fun or important ways. It’s so sweet to look at this wall everyday and be reminded of things we love.

I’ve tried to upload this post all week but have been plagued by bad camera angles, too much sunshine (rarely a problem! but caused major glare on the photos!) and a mistake by the phone company that cut our phone and internet service the very moment I wanted to hit “publish!” while watching the Bachelorette. Yikes! Here’s a quick peek for now!

Here’s a little guide to what’s on the wall:1. Hard to see the details, but this is a framed little picture of awesome key print paper from ReproDepot.
2. Handmade Minnesota silhouette. That’s a little heart near the Twin Cities!
3. O for our last name, found at Michaels.
4. A framed Thanksgiving card from Amica insurance (no special connection to this!)
5. Fat quarter from my newest favorite fabric designer, Anna Marie Horner (she’s from TN!)
6. Cardboard M from our wedding made by rafty and creative Aunt Catherine Anne!
7. A sweet picture of Karl’s sister Katherine who we miss everyday.
8. Aunt CA made this K too…we had these letters on our guestbook table at our wedding reception!
9. Framed Kansas Seal flour sack from my recent trip to Kansas for my grandmother’s memorial service.
10. Teeny tiny embroidery hoop with a scrap of Anna Maria Horner voile fabric that I used in my favorite winter scarf.
11. Awesome southern wall hanging from my momma!
12. My favorite engagement picture, taken by the talented Lauren.
13. A framed piece of fabric from Amy Butler’s recent line Lark.
14. Cardboard star from Michael’s, painted red.
15. Cafe Terrace at Night postcard, Van Gogh
16. Another flour sack, this time found at Hunt and Gather. Love that place.
17. Embroidery hoop with fabric remnant found at Treadle Yarn Goods in St. Paul. Awesome little store.

All frames are from Target and Ikea, with the exception of frame 12 (it was an awesome personalized wedding gift!)

In my next post I’ll show you a few other house decor projects we’ve been working on, including something very special from my new favorite etsy shop, Slippin’ Southern!

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “The Big Gallery Wall Reveal”

  1. Looks fabulous!! And I thought those letters looked familiar… 😉 p.s. Sean is my current favorite for Bachelorette!

  2. Thanks Kbray! Sean is my current favorite too..such a sweetie! Thank goodness she got rid of Kalon and Ryan!

  3. @pregnantcitygirl Thank you and thanks for reading! :)

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