Karl here. Meredith has graciously allowed me to hijack her blog for a post about one of my two favorite hobbies. What I’ve gathered from DIY blogs is that I should add some exclamation points and photos of something cute. I’ll give it a whirl.

Who knew that my seventh grade home economics class would establish a foundation for my future sewing endeavors! I started sewing my nursing scrubs in March and haven’t let up. Meredith picks out the fabric for me (because I am mildly colorblind and, as she put it, always “slightly clashing and monochromatic”), I slice and dice it, and then sew the beauties together.

Sewing a scrub top is pretty simple all-in-all, but it take a fair amount of time. From cutting out the fabric to sewing the final threads, it takes about 3.5 hours of trimming, threading, changing machine feet, and ironing. The folks over at NPR and the Minnesota Twins offer lots of listening material to keep me entertained.

I’m not sure what it is about sewing these tops. Maybe it is an equivalent to people who work on cars or form bands as a hobby – I get to create something useful and attractive. I also appreciate when people comment on the tops, even when it involves my boss bursting out laughing when I walk into work.

I’ve sewn about ten tops for myself with varying prints and designs. My Amy Butler print was expensive fabric ($27), but it keeps things exciting on the cardiac/renal unit at HCMC. I joke with colleagues that patients will need seizure precautions when they see me! Don’t worry, though, I made sure to ask the folks at Crafty Planet if the fabric was too feminine; they assured me that as the “queens of opinions” they would have no problem telling me if a fabric would make people wonder.

Last week I did something bold: I signed up for the HCMC employee craft fair on November 30. Oh crap! Yah, I did it. I’m going to sell my scrubs. I started sewing a few solid-colored tops tailored to the ladies. I use top-quality Kona cotton and spice it up with printed pockets. I think this will be my primary design since the designer prints are expensive and people probably aren’t willing to pay $50 for a scrub top. If I sell the tops for $30, I will probably make about $10-15 profit for three hours of work. Not great, but I just don’t think I can ask for much more.

If any readers are interested in a scrub top, I would be happy to sew you some. Send Meredith an email. I’m willing to make solids with fun pockets or prints that you must have. Maybe you already have fabric that needs a tailor. I’ll bust out my finest home economics skills and create something you’ll love!

4 thoughts on “Scrubs.”

  1. This is amazing. Karl, please put this on your resume.

  2. Fabulous! I agree with Linnea. :)

  3. I don’t wear scrubs, but I am so excited about this that I might buy some anyway! You need like a little fancy “patch” inside or something that says “Sewn by Karl”

  4. Karl loves how excited everyone is about his scrubs! Next up…a photo shoot of him modeling the tops! :) Looking forward to posting pics from our debut at the HCMC craft fair this fall!

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