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Whew. Life is busy. We’re t-minus 3 days away from a HUGE week at work, full of all sorts of happenings for our annual fall meeting. In the past couple of weeks I’ve worn lots of hats as a meeting planner, from finalizing details, to lining up volunteers and staff, making lots of lists, waking up from meeting related nightmares and operating a pallet jack in a dress and wedges. The pallet jack experience was ridiculous — but strangely empowering. They aren’t as hard to maneuver as they look, my friends.

In all seriousness, though, I love it. I love details, I love putting out small fires (not real ones, but those little problems that pop up and demand attention!), and I love working with an incredible team of planners, designers, creatives, and true go-getters seeking to do their best work all the time. Being on-site next week will make all the flurry of the past few weeks and months worth it.

That said, that’s why it’s been quiet around here. But aside from manning a constant to-do list, we’ve had some time for fun lately too. For starters, I got a new bike and man, it rides like butter. At least that’s what I think in my head while pedaling. It’s comfortable and slick and a fun new way to stay in shape. Karl blades and I bike. Definitely becoming a new favorite activity we can do together.

Also, I finally sewed my first reversible tote bag! I followed a couple of patterns in my craft books, but ultimately found these to be the best instructions. I have a feeling I’m really good at tote bags. Get ready family – these might be making appearances around the Christmas tree.

I’ll be back in a week or so post meeting. Maybe I can convince Karl to do another guest post while I’m out. :) Happy weekend to you all!

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