FNL: Friday Night Lights

I’m totally late to the pep rally on this one, but I am so. in. love. with Friday Night Lights! Thanks Dan, for letting me borrow Season 1 and thanks Amazon Prime for having the entire series on instant view! After watching 22 some episodes in approximately 5 days, it’s safe to say I’m hooked.

My sixteen year old self has a h-u-g-e crush on Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins. I love the acting, the music, the team spirit, the southern accents. I love how the town of Dillon and the Panthers remind me of my southern hometown and our high school football team. We were state champs many, many seasons in a row, I chalked football players’ parking spots and left bags of candy for them in the school office (a very modest version of a rally girl), we bundled up in team sweatshirts and mittens to cheer on the Rebels every Friday night. We celebrated wins (or losses) at Applebees and O’Charleys and TGI Fridays and wore our red and black with pride.

In the spirit of high school football, all week I’ve been chanting “It’s great to be a Mary-ville Reb-el” in my head while wearing my football hoodie. Perhaps the most amazing thing is how much the show brings back my southern twang. Karl’s caught me talking with a southern drawl all week…and to be honest, I love it. It reminds me of home way up here in the Midwest.

If you haven’t watched Friday Night Lights yet – do! Make it your new show. I can’t wait to keep watching, yet I’m already sad as I anticipate finishing the series (and that’s still 3.5 seasons away). Ah, I love a good team show you can root for!

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.
(Now I understand why everyone in the Facebook world puts this as their status!)

p.s. who remembers Kyle Chandler (Coach Eric Taylor) from the CBS show Early Edition? Loved that show too!

3 thoughts on “FNL: Friday Night Lights”

  1. yes!!!!! I was in love with this all summer. I will come over and ogle at Matt Saracen with you anytime :-)

  2. @Lauren Grace I think we’ve found our new winter craft day/tv party/cooking night entertainment!

  3. […] Tembo is a few pounds of pure fluff. He’s a sweet boy, who looks just like a real life teddy bear. He has a few nicknames already…Tembo bear, bear, and Tembo Riggins, a nod to my favorite show, FNL. […]

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