Introducing Tembo “Bear” Riggins!

Friday was a big day in the Olson household! We took a long car trip to rural Iowa to pick up our new mini goldendoodle puppy, Tembo!

Tembo is a few pounds of pure fluff. He’s a sweet boy, who looks just like a real life teddy bear. He has a few nicknames already…Tembo bear, bear, and Tembo Riggins, a nod to my favorite show, FNL.

After 2 days of almost single puppy parenting (Karl had to work this weekend) I have a new appreciation and respect for puppy owners, new parents and parents of small children. It’s hard work being responsible 24/7 for another living thing! :) Our sleep habits are certainly entering new routines!

Without further ado, here are some photos of our new little buddy!

Having fun with new friend Emily!

We can’t wait to watch this little guy grow! I see lots of puppy classes, playtime and walks around the lake in the future!

3 thoughts on “Introducing Tembo “Bear” Riggins!”

  1. He is so cute, i love him! Congrats and welcome to the parent club!

    1. Thanks Erica!! We love him already but he is so much work! :) definitely feeling more like a parent!

  2. Lovely cute puppy!!! Amazing pictures.

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