New House Update

Big news folks! As of May 10, Karl and I will be homeowners! We are so excited to have found an amazing bungalow in Minneapolis close to several parks, biking/walking trails, our workplaces and close to our friends. We were lucky…the house hunting process was pretty speedy for us and after a few rounds of negotiating, our offer was accepted. Now the dreaming begins…I’m looking forward to all sorts of house tweaking projects and decorating while Karl is looking forward to yard work and lawn mowers, gardening and brewing beer in a new kitchen.

I’ll post more photos after we close and move in, but for now, here’s a sneak peek! Also, if you want to follow along on my new house Pinterest board, click here.

Have a happy Thursday!

6 thoughts on “New House Update”

  1. What a great house. I already love your front porch or front room with all the natural light! And your puppy is so stinking cute…much more of a teddy bear than a dog. :)

    1. Thanks Becca! I can’t wait to curl up and read a book in the front sunroom! Tembo is a sweet puppy…almost like a teddy bear until he starts barking!!

  2. Congratulations Guys!

    That is so super exciting. The house is totally cute, can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thanks! :) We are super pumped…can’t wait to close and move in! More pictures to come for sure!

  3. Congratulations, Meredith! That is big news! Looking forward to more updates!

    1. Thanks Kim! Can’t wait to share it with everyone!

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