Tembo – the mini Houdini

Tembo is quite the escape artist. He’s escaped the back yard twice after finding he could sneak through a few wider openings in the fence. Once he ended up on our front step and the other time he made it all the way to the back alley! Luckily Karl noticed he was gone and followed the tiny paw prints (so, so cute in the snow!) to rescue him. We’ve blocked the openings so he can’t escape again, but now his new trick is escaping the kitchen, where he stays unless we are in the same room with him. Karl came downstairs a few days ago and found this:

{someone, (ok it was me) forgot to latch the gate securely…}

{the aftermath. shoes, rugs, paper…nothing is safe.}

And for kicks, here’s a picture of him modeling a new sweater from my dear friend Kat!

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