Dreaming of Spring

Lately I’ve been really missing the South and the natural beauty of spring – tulips, daffodils, green grass and warm sunshine. It’s a week past the first day of Spring and Minnesota is still cold, gray, and damp. We enjoyed a few days of 47 degrees this week – hallelujah! But Easter Sunday is supposed to be back in the low 30s with rain and snow showers. Oh, spring. Please come to the Midwest soon!

In the meantime, Tembo has enjoyed playing in the first little signs of spring – mud puddles. Here’s a before and after picture of our muddy little guy:

He’s modeling the “first birthday cake” look on the left and his best “stink-eye” pose on the right. Someone’s not a big fan of baths. :)

One thought on “Dreaming of Spring”

  1. So cute, Mere! I hear you on the need for spring. We’re still getting similar weather in MD (albeit a little warmer than you guys). For studying purposes, yuk weather is preferable, though! :) Miss you, and scheduling a meet up or at least some skype action soon is in order! It’s been too long. Haven’t spoken to you or Kat since the wedding–tragic! xo

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