boxes, church pews, navy walls, oh my!

Whew. We’ve been in the new house for almost a month now, and there are still boxes to unpack, rooms to arrange, walls to decorate, projects to complete and front and back yards to weed, plant and clean up. For a house that didn’t require much more than some cosmetic work, it feels like we are in danger of starting more projects than we can easily finish! Evenings and weekends are spent trying to plug away at a few more boxes and/or wandering up and down the aisles of Home Depot (Karl loves this. Me, not so much.) I do love having “reasons” to run to Ikea or Home Goods though!

Here’s a list of our current to-dos:

Remove gross carpet runner
Refinish the stairs
Paint the entryway
New light fixture for entryway
Paint the “sunroom”
Paint front door
Paint the dining room
Build a dining room table (with help from our dear friend)
Refinish side table for living room
Find and purchase sectional for the basement (won’t be delivered until late July)
Add color to the laundry room (it’s super boring and white)
Paint guest room
Paint basement bathroom
Plant flowers, shrubs, window boxes
Set up craft room/office
Sew curtains for living room and dining room
Sew new pillow covers
Hang gallery wall in living room
Hang embroidery hoops in upstairs hallway
Hang mirrors in bedroom
Organize the garage
Organize the gardening shed
Re-finish Karl’s dresser and mirror
Paint artwork frames
Stain radiator covers
Style open kitchen shelves
Create “aluminum” letters for laundry room
Meet neighbors! (we’ve met several nice families, can’t wait to meet more!)

A few pictures of the progress:

We painted the dining room navy! I am in love with the color. Not so much in love with the clutter that remains.

{yep, that’s nasal spray on the left corner of the buffet. just keepin’ it real}

{all randoms have ended up in the that rubbermaid bin}

Church pew progress:

{sanding like a boss}

{ta-da! the pew is now robin’s egg blue with a few touches of patina}

The pew needs a few more touch ups and a little more patina-ing and then it will be ready to set up in the entryway! I can’t wait to sew up some fun, colorful pillows for this beauty. This might be my most favorite craigslist purchase ever.

And, a little pop of pink for the dining room:

{flowers and pitcher from pottery barn}

That’s all I’ve got tonight, but stay tuned! I have a feeling more projects are soon to be checked off the list. We’ve got to get the house in tip top shape for a summer house warming party!

2 thoughts on “boxes, church pews, navy walls, oh my!”

  1. Lovely lovely!! Glad it’s going well. Thinking of you two!

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