embroidery hoop wall art

Happy to report the first decorating project in the new house is complete! I had an embroidery hoop collection in our old house, so this was an easy project to check off the list. (I’ll share a list of our projects later this weekend…hoping to use the holiday on Monday to get a lot done!) I hung these hoops on the wall outside our bedroom in the upstairs hallway.

All the fabric pictured is by Amy Butler. The “Lucky” hoop was hand embroidered by yours truly. If you want to make your own embroidery hoop art, all you need are some empty hoops (check yardsales or thrift shops or Michael’s/JoAnne’s), a swatch of fabric, and glue (optional.) Sandwich your fabric in between the hoops, tighten the screw on the top of the hoop, trim or glue excess fabric and hang up to display! This is an easy project that makes a big impact.

For more on the fabric wreath in the second picture, click here.

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    1. Thanks Lauren! We need to get together soon!

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