We’re in. It’s been just a bit over a week since we picked up the keys for our new house – and what an interesting week that’s been. We moved our belongings in snow and rain on May 1 (seriously, the worst winter in MN ever.) Tembo found a hole in the fence and escaped twice (cue major anxiety until we found him!) We bought an awesome couch on Craigslist that wouldn’t fit in the doorways (lesson learned: measure the entryways before you buy) and also discovered that I’m apparently really allergic to cats! The previous owners had a dog and cat and after many days of burning and numb lips, tongue, and throat plus hives, I ended up in urgent care. Thankfully we’ve had friends over to help clean, found a great vacuum that seems to be helping and discovered the benefits of air purifiers. Here’s hoping that all the cat dander disappears soon! Being allergic to your house is the pits.

All that aside, we’re totally in love with the new digs. There are boxes everywhere – but it totally feels like this is exactly where we’re supposed to be. Our new neighbors are friendly, there are lots of fun kids playing in the neighborhood, I can walk to my bus stop and there are walls, shelves, and rooms that are finally mine to decorate.

We’ve got a long way to go with unpacking and putting our own touch on things, but here’s a little “before” tour for you!


main living room

dining room

main living room

lots of windows!

upstairs {carpet runner is already gone!}

soon to be craft room/office

upstairs bath

master bedroom

laundry room

In addition to ripping up the carpet runner on the stairs, we’ve already painted the sunroom a creamy white and picked out paint colors for the dining room. It’s going to be a lovely yet bold navy! I can’t wait.

Hopefully the sun will be out the next time we take photos – this house has a ton of natural light, but it was so gloomy outside on move-in day!

Looking forward to sharing more on how we’re making this house a home soon. :) Happy almost weekend!

2 thoughts on “Ownership”

  1. Wow! What a week! I have a feeling every single major move has its own story…the trouble is, you just don’t know what your story is going to be until give it a go. Our move story had to do with a baby who was 6 days old…

    Your house is STUNNING. Can’t wait to see how you decorate it. I adore everything you pin on pinterest, so I’ll be very interested :)

    1. I can’t imagine moving with a newborn baby! Kudos to you for rocking it! :) I’m loving your updates on life at your new farmhouse…I hope you have a wonderful start to summer!

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