farmhouse table

One of the key selling points of our new house was that it had a dining room. A real dining room, where we could sit around a table with friends and family for weekly potlucks, holiday gatherings or other special occasions. We had small, cozy dining spaces in our previous rentals, but were so ready for a real, dedicated dining space.

Once we secured the room, we needed a table. After looking for tables at several furniture stores, we loved the options, but not the price. Luckily, our friend Greg has a great woodshop and is so talented at making furniture. Karl and Greg spent several weeks building an expandable farmhouse table that we finished this weekend. I even got to use a drill press and cut steel in the process! It’s pretty awesome to see sparks fly right in front of your face.

As Greg says, this table has soul. It’s simple, yet gorgeous. Now we just need to apply a few coats of clear stain and it will be ready for use!

In the meantime, I better start pinning options for centerpieces :)

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One thought on “farmhouse table”

  1. oh my. It’s perfect. exactly what I would choose…clean lines and gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the pictures of it in your house.

    And…Greg’s garage?!! I love it. That hanging kayak? The lockers and snow shoes? The blue paint?!! Makes me want to go and paint my own garage.

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