Design Camp MPLS: Be Brave

{that’s AB in the center/photobomb by camp dog Austin/Home Fashion Fabrics Studio}

Last weekend I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Design Camp {thank you Kendra, for suggesting I go!} For 2 days, several other creative campers and I learned all sorts of tricks of the trade from sweet AB Chao. Held at Josi Severson’s awesome little studio, Home Fashion Fabrics, inspiration was flowing and real. We were welcomed to camp with a few fun little gifts, including amazing smelling body butter from Illume, a funky wooden hook, super glam lip shit and an ever-useful Baggu bag. After we shared a little about us including our most irrational fears (mine is a tie between the dog park and getting a flat tire), we got down to some creative business.

{gotta love a fun goody-bag}

Out of everything we covered, my top three take-aways were these:
Be Brave.

Good design can change your life.


Change just one thing and it will change everything.

{I’m working on applying these mantras to all areas of my life}

{flowers by the talented Munster Rose}

One of the neatest parts of camp was the opportunity to show photos of problem areas in our homes and get AB’s and fellow campers’ advice on how to make all sorts of spaces more beautiful. We weighed in an apple orchard store, kitchen, craft room, bedroom, family room and my ugly guest bedroom. :) It was incredibly inspiring to look beyond the boring or unfinished spaces and visualize amazing transformations just by having a conversation with women who know what makes good design.

I learned I’m doing a lot of things right in our house…but there are a lot of things yet to do. Instead of being overwhelmed, I came home from camp full of energy to jump into new projects and be brave enough to pursue my passions not only inside, but also outside of my own spaces.

Over the next few months I’ll be working little by little on our house and will also be helping my sister-in-law decorate her new house. We’re starting on my nephew’s room first – lots of neat ideas are already in the works! If you need some design or decor help – big or small – or even just an inspiration board, please drop me a note at I’d love to help.

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