House Tour: The First Floor

After living in our new house for 4 months, I finally feel like we’re at the “in-progress” stage. We’ve unpacked most of the boxes (just don’t look in the closets!), made a few cosmetic changes and infused some color and personality into the house. There are a lot of future projects to tackle this fall and winter (such as painting the kitchen, re-designing the guest room and decorating the basement family room), but for now, we’re in a good place. Now I’m ready to show those house pictures I’ve promised you!

Today I’ll show the first floor and come back later in the week with photos of the upstairs and basement. Enjoy!

Living Room – (the door below leads to the entryway)


Living Room

Dining Room


That concludes the first floor! There’s a small half bath to the right of the shelves in the above photo, but it’s hard to document. You can use your imagination.

Check back later in the week for the rest of the tour! If you have any questions on sources for items in the photos, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Off to go soak up the rest of the weekend…

7 thoughts on “House Tour: The First Floor”

  1. oh all the patterns! all the color! those yellow curtains!!! It is really, really beautifully decorated. I am inspired. Can’t wait to see the upstairs.


    1. Thanks Becca! I’m glad we both share a love of color! :)

  2. I love all the patterns and colors! I do have a question about the plates in the dining room. Did you add the ribbon yourself? If so, how did you attach it? I’m working on a plate artwork collage and investigating different hanging solutions!

    1. Thank you! I added wire plate hangers (found at the local hardware store) to the plates first and then tied a little ribbon at the top of the hanger. This allowed the plates to hang more naturally on the wall. They’ve held up well so far – nothing has fallen! :)

  3. Beautiful, cheery home, Meredith! Stu and I like the dark blue paint with the dark wood in your dining room! :)

    1. Thanks Kim!! Hope you and Stu can come visit sometime soon!

  4. Oh, wow! Meredith, you and Karl have a beautiful home. So happy for you. And seriously, you are more settled than we are and we are nearing 2 years! Xo

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