House Tour: The Second Floor + Basement

Happy Monday! Here’s hoping you had a great start to the week. Tonight I’m back with part two of the house tour to show you the upstairs and basement. Here we go:
Top of the stairs

Craft Room

Master Bedroom

Ikea Hack: I stenciled basic wooden nightstands for a custom look

Watercolor artwork – one of the first DIYs in the new house

Master Bathroom


{sorry for the glare! Too much glass!}

Guest Bedroom (soon to be made over!)

Guest Bathroom

And this concludes the “in-progress” home tour! I’ll share more pictures along the way as we finish new projects and update these spaces.

One thought on “House Tour: The Second Floor + Basement”

  1. Your house is stunning. It looks like every room had recently been made over…the molding and paint and floors all look so clean!

    And, as a mother, I would have to say having a DOOR at the top of the stairs might be my favorite feature of your house. One day this will serve as a baby gate, sound barrier and in the meantime, bacon smell stopper.

    Is it weird I was envious of the door?!!

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