halloween mantel

Living in our new house means I finally have a mantel to decorate for the seasons!

I ran to Michaels on Friday intending to buy just a few things and got distracted by all the sparkly Halloween decorations. Glitter is all the rage in Halloween decor this year as are the traditional neon green, bright purple, black and orange. Anytime I see these colors together I think of those plastic trick or treat pails McDonald’s used to give out when we were little. Does anyone else remember those?

Anyway, never able to resist some sparkle, I decided to create a Halloween mantel and threw a few bedazzled pumpkins, glitter black leaves, vase filler and shiny orange “feathers” into my basket. When I started to set the mantel up, I puttered around the house “shopping” for things to use and discovered I already had a few orange vases and orange candles. My sweet mother gave me the wooden “Halloween” letters and the kit to make the Halloween fabric pennant banner. I sewed that right up (while watching Hocus Pocus on Lifetime (I used to think Max and Thackery Binx were soooo cute when I was 7)) and got to work styling.

We must have lost our fall wreath in the move, so I headed back to Michaels to grab some wreath supplies to make a new one that could transition from Halloween to the rest of fall and Thanksgiving. If you’ve never made a wreath before, it’s super easy! Just take a grapevine wreath and fill it up with flowers, leaves and berry picks from the craft store. Easy peasy, no glue required! If anyone wants a tutorial, leave a comment and I’ll put something together. :)

So, without further ado, here’s the Halloween mantel! Once the trick or treaters come and go, I’ll show how a few tweaks can transition the mantel into the rest of fall.

{styling trick: use books to create easy height}

{I think this sparkly pumpkin is my favorite!}

I thought about including a picture of Tembo here wearing a Halloween costume…but decided I probably shouldn’t spend money on a doggy costume that he would rip off right away. He’ll be rocking a new pumpkin bandana from his “nana” on Halloween night instead!

5 thoughts on “halloween mantel”

  1. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE your style and creativity! I told dad this am that you must have certainly inherited it from me!!

    1. Of course I inherited it from you!! :)

  2. […] you might recall, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would show you how to easily transform a Halloween mantel into one worthy of lasting the whole fall season. I made a few tweaks to the mantel decor this […]

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