Your Lucky Day + other Occasional Shops

Last weekend I visited my new favorite occasional shop called Your Lucky Day in Minneapolis. Ever since we moved into the new house, I’ve eagerly marked my calendar with a big red circle every time one of the several occasional shops in the city has a weekend sale. If you are able to hit the sales early and willing to look with an open mind, I can almost guarantee you will come home with a little treasure (or maybe a large one – in the form of a restored piece of furniture!) Urban Cottage, The Cottage House and Your Lucky Day are my favorites to shop so far. Many of our decorative items (vases, paper weights, wooden crates, antiques) came from Urban Cottage. Maybe it’s the history major in me, but the ability to mix the past with the present is my favorite way to decorate.

At Your Lucky Day I found some fun wooden alphabet blocks and replica antique cards/prints for a special nursery project I am working on (not my own! :) ) and pharmacy lamp in pristine condition for $24. I was in love with several other things that didn’t make it home with me – but man, I really wanted that green side table and the “baby bear” rocking chair!

If you live in the Twin Cities, check these shops out! Urban Cottage and The Cottage House seem to be open on the same weekends early each month. Your Lucky Day is open the last weekend of every month. I’m glad they space these sales out so I can pop by them all!

p.s. The prices are usually really reasonable…and sometimes I’ve seen people successfully negotiating!

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