Halloween to Fall in a few simple steps

As you might recall, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would show you how to easily transform a Halloween mantel into one worthy of lasting the whole fall season. I made a few tweaks to the mantel decor this weekend and ended up with this:

I purchased a few additional items at Michaels – the “leafy” branches and grapevine balls – but re-used everything else. I removed the Halloween bunting, spooky black leaves and moved the sparkly pumpkins to a less prominent spot. All in all, a few switcheroos and a few minutes equals a seasonal display fit to last another month!

As an aside, when did Christmas appear immediately after Halloween? I overheard “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” while browsing in Anthropologie on Saturday and marveled at the extensive Christmas displays at Papersource (see below.) Thanksgiving items were reduced to a little shelf space near the registers. Really, people? I love a good Christmas season, but let’s wait at least until Black Friday, am I right?

Finally, just to keep it real, here’s what the boys in my house did this weekend while I redecorated:

If Karl’s napping, you can almost guarantee Tembo will be close by. :)

One thought on “Halloween to Fall in a few simple steps”

  1. Look at that white dog … on that dark sofa! So brave!

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