Shop Updates!

A merry belated Christmas to you all! We just returned home from Tennessee last night and had a wonderful and relaxing time with family and friends. Tembo went along for the journey as well – it was much easier to fly with a pet than I imagined! He did great – barely a peep out of him on the plane and he charmed the security workers as well. :) His “grandparents” were thrilled to have him visit…it was the first time they ever let a dog into their house and he was a perfect pup.

I caught up on a few sewing projects over the week off and just added some lovely new scarves to the shop! Check them out here.

A big thanks to my lovely big sister for modeling. :)

And, check back over the next few weeks to see sweet little MidwestBelleCreative baby products! In honor of my sister’s new baby (I’ll be an auntie again in March!), I’m hard at work sewing up colorful bibs, burp cloths and baby blankets. Perfect for spring baby shower gifts!

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