DYI: Updated Record Cabinet

Several months ago I posted a picture of an old record player cabinet I found at a local thrift shop for $40. I planned to paint it bright pink and use it for DVD and book storage in the basement. I finished painting the dresser several months ago and just realized I forgot to post an update! So without further delay, here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

I have quite a collection of amazing family photographs from my parents, so it seemed fitting to showcase a couple with this beautiful old piece of furniture. That’s my dad with his mom and baby sister in the black frame and my maternal grandfather in his military uniform in the little white frame.

On another note, painting this hot pink in our garage turned out to be quite the way to meet new neighbors! I met lots of wonderful neighbors driving through the alley who stopped to chat about the bright color. Here’s hoping they still like bright colors when we paint our house this summer! :) (That’s a post for another day, but I can’t wait to get rid of our “bandaid beige” stucco!)


Record table, vintage
Paint, Benjamin Moore “Peony”
Blue lamps, Target.com
Candles, World Market
Hourglass, Home Goods
Black frame, Target
White frame, Target
Black matted frame, Ikea
Fabric (framed), my fabric stash
Rag wreath, handmade

4 thoughts on “DYI: Updated Record Cabinet”

  1. That’s awesome that you met so many of your neighbors by painting this pink! It makes me miss our old alley. I knew our alley neighbors WAY better than our frontside of the house neighbors. :)

  2. I love it! Once we get settled in our new house, I’ll have to take pix and get your opinion on what do to where. We need all the ideas we can get! :) Or better yet, come visit and give your opinion in person!

    1. Thanks Kim! I’d love to “design consult” via pics! Or a visit would be even better! :)

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