Best {Puppy} Friends

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Tembo’s best doodle friend Brecklyn! Brecklyn belongs to our college friend Lindsay. Since we all have pretty long work schedules, sometimes Brecklyn comes over to play in our kitchen with Tembo. It’s pretty adorable to see the pups playing and entertaining one another. Both are mini goldendoodles and approximately the same size.

Tembo usually has a little more energy than Brecklyn… he constantly chases her around the house and rarely pauses for a rest or drink of water. But Brecklyn is a lot faster than Tembo…she took off on an adventure around our neighborhood last week when the gate was open and Karl got his workout in chasing her. :)

I joke with Karl that we need to start the Page neighborhood golden doodle society – aside from Tembo, we know of at least 3 other doodles within a 3 block radius!

Heading to the dog park!

This is what they usually look like – I call it the whirling dervish!

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