Trouvaille Workshop – 3 days of Joy

{flowers by yours truly!}

This time last week, my bags were packed and I was trying to fall asleep early in anticipation of the 4 am wake up call. Bright (well, it was actually dark) and early last Sunday, Karl and I loaded the car and headed out towards Grand Rapids, Michigan so I could attend the Trouvaille Workshop. After 9 hours of driving, we checked into the Amway Grand Hotel – seriously, so pretty! – and I headed up to the 28th floor for the workshop to start.

The Trouvaille Workshop was created for creative and entrepreneurial women business owners by Rhiannon Bosse, the amazing wedding planner and ball of energy behind Hey Gorgeous Events. I’ve followed her on social media for a while now but it was kind of surreal to see Rhi in person and hear her voice, not just read her words online. Guys, Rhi is the sweetest and blew this workshop out of the park. From Day 1, it was obvious that she put her heart and soul into every detail of this event. From choosing amazing speakers, setting beautiful workspaces for attendees, surprising us several times with even more goodies and pumping us up with encouraging words, she made sure we had an amazing experience and all felt welcome. The kindness radiating from this event was inspiring. In an industry where people can be competitive, all the speakers and attendees were genuinely kind. I met some amazing planners from all over the county and Canada and loved having the chance to network and have real conversations.

So, why was I at Trouvaille? As most of you know, I’m currently a corporate meeting planner, but as you also know, I’m completely smitten with all things creative, colorful, pretty and organized. I signed up for Trouvaille seeking inspiration and guidance on what a future creative business for myself might be. Do I want to be a wedding planner one day? Do I not? Do I want to be a florist? Can I combine event planning and floral design? Can I find a way to create my own creative business that combines all my passions? Those were some of the questions knocking around in my head for months before the workshop. I don’t have all the answers now, but feel much more equipped to keep setting the foundation for my dream business. Rhi invited some truly inspirational speakers to the workshop, including Michelle Loretta who has a way of making business and financial topics very interesting and applicable and Katy Carrier whose discussion about law for creatives almost made me want to go to law school.

Also, one of my new creative idols is Alica from Bows and Arrows. She’s definitely talented with flowers, but also just the nicest person (with an awesome southern accent!) I loved having the chance to chat and pick her brain a bit during the workshop.

There is a lot more I could say (there were many more talented speakers and beautiful surprises), but I should probably post some pictures of the beauty that was Trouvaille. Most of these are iPhone photos but I whipped out the DSLR for a few photos of my floral arrangement at the end. Take a peek:

{welcome to Trouvaille!}

{fun reads}

{winky mugs from Ashley Brooke Designs}

{lovely spring lunch}

{the most gorgeous farmhouse tablescape}

{Rhi hard at work!}

{new favorite color combos}

{one of the many surprises…monogrammed sleeves from Oatmeal Lace!}


{pure red flower joy}

{Alicia from Bows and Arrows}

{with Rhi!}

I’m still processing and soaking in all the wisdom from the workshop. I’m going to be reading my notes over and over and using this inspiration to kick start all those ideas in my head. So stick around the blog over the next few weeks/months – I have some fun changes planned for A Midwestern Belle and can’t wait to show you!

3 thoughts on “Trouvaille Workshop – 3 days of Joy”

  1. What an awesome workshop; kudos to the amazing women putting it all in action! It will be so great to see the Olson touch coming up!

  2. Gorgeous flower arrangement you did and great photography as well!

  3. What a joy to be together with other similar creative-types. I can’t wait to see how all of this inspiration and imagination pours out into your every day…you’re already so creative and have such an eye for colors and decor. Have fun playing! I can’t wait to see what’s buzzing around in your head right now…

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