Scouting succulents

These ladies are seriously the best ever. Thanks Tori for the picture!

Wow. I have so many potential things to blog about and it’s going to take a while to get caught up! I’ll start by sharing a fun little offsite my Target team took a few weeks ago to Scout, a cute vintage shop in New Hope.

In addition to having a shop full of fun curiosities, the ladies at Scout have a great crafting space in the back of the store where they led us through the steps of planting succulents in unique containers. We all went home with new little plants and fun memories!

Here are my succulents – they’ve made themselves at home all over the house!

This one is awesomely planted inside a vase that sits inside an old book! Crazy. (and that’s a fake Ikea plant behind it. keepin’ it real.)

This spiky succulent fit perfectly into a vintage green vase.

And finally, one more in the kitchen.

I just love this old Hills Bros Coffee tin from the 1940s.

I’m thinking succulents might be the perfect indoor plants for us. They don’t take up much space, don’t need much water and look pretty cute with our decor!

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