2015: 1 year, (3) jobs

Back in the early spring, I wrote about how my world shifted upside down when I was part of a huge layoff at the company where I worked for the past 4 years. Then, I wrote about the next chapter, of starting a new job in a creative industry vastly different from the events and meeting planning worlds I was used to.  Well, after a few short months in the new job, I realized I wasn’t done with the events and meetings world just yet. Karl likes to remind me that “your job is not your identity,” but even so, I identify so much with being a type-A planner that not being one was causing a lot of inner turmoil and self doubt. As someone who likes to commit to my decisions, I had a lot of conversations with family and friends/mentors about what to do next.

As any job seeker will tell you, having a network of connections is invaluable. I can honestly say all but 1 job I’ve had since college was in some part related to having a connection to get my foot in the door (or resume noticed.) When I started looking for my next events role, thanks again to a helpful network, I found my way to a local meeting and event management company.

After a “get-to-know-you-for-possible-part-time-work” meeting turned into another meeting and then an interview, I landed a new job about 3 months ago that I’m so happy with. My new team is amazing and talented, I have my own office (with a door!) and have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and travel several times a year. PLUS – it’s only a 7-10 minute drive from home to work. Amazing, all things considered.

So, all this to say, it may take a while – but the best is always yet to come.

Be on the lookout for future posts showcasing a few photos from the various cities I’m traveling to – it will be fun to document where work takes me in the upcoming months! First up, Disney & Chicago!

  • {a cute corner of my new desk}

  • {office art installation from Papersource}

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