Fall Travels – Orlando + Chicago

I’ll be traveling a little more with my new job and will be posting photos of my adventures here. Note – most of my work travels involve spending lots of time inside at hotels*, but it’s fun to capture snapshots of what’s happening outside the hotel doors.

*When I returned from 9 days in Florida, Karl asked me if I was sick, since I was so pale! Nope – just a lack of Vitamin D from living the hotel ballroom life.

Orlando – September 2015 & Chicago – November 2015

  • 10 days in Orlando

  • Spaceship Earth: just like it was in the 90s!

  • Chicago Adventure

  • Notice that tiny skyway...creepy!

  • When in Chicago, you must go to Eataly!

  • Eataly

  • Cookbooks galore

  • Every kind of tomato @ Eataly

  • Every kind of pasta too!

  • Shake Shack . One day it will happen.

  • Best burger ever @ Howells & Hood.

  • 75 degrees in Chicago in November? I'll take it!

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