9 months of fun

These past nine (and a half) months with Graham have been a joy. Learning how to be a parent – and a mama especially – isn’t easy, but man is it fun. We’ve figured out how to function on varied amounts of sleep, learned what really makes Graham laugh (making the “horsey” (aka clicking) noise, blowing raspberries on his belly and knocking over towers of blocks) and steeled ourselves to changing the nasty diapers. We’ve made it through several colds, fevers and flying alone with a baby multiple times. (Note to other parents – fly alone with them before 5 months if you want it to be relatively easy. After that – it’s much harder!)

I’m fortunate to still be nursing, and can honestly say I don’t mind the inevitable 5:00 am wake up call when he’s hungry for breakfast. It’s so sweet and peaceful to rock him in his darkened nursery while he eats, his little hand caressing my cheek or more often, pulling my hair. He is a chow hound with solid food – so far the only thing he’s refused were the freshly roasted vegetables I painstakingly cut up for him.  Typical, right?! But seriously, he (and Dolly) routinely clears his plate.

After several weeks of adorably scooting around on his belly like a penguin, Graham finally figured out how to crawl and now putters all over the house, routinely stopping to pull up and investigate the couch, tv remote, dining room chair, or give the dishwasher a kiss. He’s a lover of all, even kitchen appliances.

He’s the maddest when I pick up the dog’s water bowl, close the toilet lid and/or don’t let him look in the open refrigerator. The kitchen is full of joys that are just beyond his reach.

In a nod to his mama’s southern roots, he’s spent the majority of the summer with bare feet. Socks inevitably get kicked off and shoes seemed silly when he can’t walk. However, now that the weather is turning colder, we’ve debuted the shoes and he’s not really noticed the difference. A shoe does make a nice distraction when changing his diaper, however.

Speaking of diapers, I often find myself coming up with lots of (impractical) ideas for ways to make our lives easier. For example, I think there should be a chute that runs from the baby’s bedroom to the outside trash can – like the drive up window at the bank. You could just throw the stinky diapers in the chute and it would go straight to the trash. No more stinky diaper pails to constantly empty!

Another idea I’ve had is to make a baby shower game out of changing the diaper of a baby who can roll over. It’s not easy. This might be the hardest part of my days sometimes (I’m serious.)

We introduced bubbles in his bath a few weeks ago, and man – bath time game changer! He loves those frothy bubbles so much. Now we just need to figure out how to keep him from standing up in the tub. Telling him to “stay seated” doesn’t seem to work just yet.

Amidst all the wonderful moments we’ve had so far with parenting, there have certainly been hard ones too. Perhaps the hardest to date was last week when Karl and I both got the stomach flu at exactly. the. same. time. It was as terrible as it sounds. Two adults taking turns running to the bathroom while trying to give a baby dinner. It was bad. Really bad. Luckily, Graham stayed healthy, didn’t whine that night and actually went to be easily and early.

I could keep this post going indefinitely, but I’ll stop here for now. I can’t believe Graham will be one in December. As parents often say, “the days are long but the years are short.”

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