Ending the Guilt

My vision for blogging has changed and evolved in different ways for the past 8 years. I started a blog when the idea was still kind of new (at least to me!) as an outlet to document things I found interesting and random very non-earthshattering musings. Then it became a place to showcase creative projects and a landing page for my passions – sewing, decor, floral, handmade and colorful. All along, I’ve wrestled with the notion of what this space “should” be as I’ve compared myself and this space to all the other beautiful sites and creative talents in the blogosphere.

Up until last week, I was considering backing up my old posts for posterity and shutting this blog down. I don’t write much or frequently, I still work full at my day job, my sewing hobby brings in a few extra dollars a month, but not much, and I spend my free time playing with my family & friends, cleaning the house,  and in all honesty – laying on the couch with a Netflix marathon in the background or sitting on the floor folding laundry.  Blogging isn’t a priority and I doubt anyone is even reading this (except maybe my mom! Hi Mom!)

But you know what? I’m officially saying “so what.” I’ll write on this space if/when I feel compelled to do so or when I have something fun to share. I’m done feeling guilty about having a side hustle that I don’t really hustle that much on. I’ll hustle when and how I want to. And that’s ok.

And now I feel compelled to post a few thoughts about the past 9 months with Graham, so I’m going to write that post. And then we’ll see what happens from there.

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