Our biggest news of 2016!

In a week of hard news stories and political uncertainties, I’m popping in here to share something a little sweeter.

We’re about 5 weeks (give or take!) away from welcoming the newest addition to our family – a baby boy!

My pregnancy has been fairly easy so far – a little nausea, a little morning sickness (crazy how fast you get de-sensitized to throwing up!), a lot of naps and way more Chipotle than I care to admit. These last few weeks have been harder physically with aches and pains, but I’m fortunate to have had a largely ‘normal’ experience so far. The doctors are watching my amniotic fluid levels these last few weeks (they are higher than normal), so that’s a little bit of a worry, but will hopefully turn out just fine.

I’ve learned that working onsite for events and meetings is WAY harder when you’re pregnant – thanks baby boy for hanging in there with me! Nothing like some early contractions and swollen feet to force me to take it easier.

I can’t promise that I’ll be a regular blogger again – who else out there has high blogging aspirations but finds real life always gets in the way?! But I’m hopeful that snuggling with a sweet baby over the next few cold months of winter might inspire some fun pictures or at least a few cozy soup recipes to share in this space!

I’ll be back soon with some pictures of the little guy’s nursery. Creating spaces for little ones is so fun. :)

  • chubby cheeks!

So far in 2016….

We’ve been to Mexico:


I spent a week in Phoenix:

IMG_1696 IMG_1694

We welcomed a new puppy, Dolly!
IMG_1913 IMG_1898 IMG_1849

Karl and I both turned 30:


I got some much needed “Auntie” time with my nephew Charlie and my big sis in North Carolina:

I’m preparing for my first big re-upholstery project – 2 arm chairs and a rocking chair!
With fabrics that were 80% off at Hancock Fabrics – even if the whole project is a flop, I’ll still be impressed with the price I paid per yard!

IMG_1727 IMG_1799

And finally, I’ve been sewing some cute new stuff for the Etsy shop!


Fall Travels – Orlando + Chicago

I’ll be traveling a little more with my new job and will be posting photos of my adventures here. Note – most of my work travels involve spending lots of time inside at hotels*, but it’s fun to capture snapshots of what’s happening outside the hotel doors.

*When I returned from 9 days in Florida, Karl asked me if I was sick, since I was so pale! Nope – just a lack of Vitamin D from living the hotel ballroom life.

Orlando – September 2015 & Chicago – November 2015

  • 10 days in Orlando

  • Spaceship Earth: just like it was in the 90s!

  • Chicago Adventure

  • Notice that tiny skyway...creepy!

  • When in Chicago, you must go to Eataly!

  • Eataly

  • Cookbooks galore

  • Every kind of tomato @ Eataly

  • Every kind of pasta too!

  • Shake Shack . One day it will happen.

  • Best burger ever @ Howells & Hood.

  • 75 degrees in Chicago in November? I'll take it!

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