2015: 1 year, (3) jobs

Back in the early spring, I wrote about how my world shifted upside down when I was part of a huge layoff at the company where I worked for the past 4 years. Then, I wrote about the next chapter, of starting a new job in a creative industry vastly different from the events and meeting planning worlds I was used to.  Well, after a few short months in the new job, I realized I wasn’t done with the events and meetings world just yet. Karl likes to remind me that “your job is not your identity,” but even so, I identify so much with being a type-A planner that not being one was causing a lot of inner turmoil and self doubt. As someone who likes to commit to my decisions, I had a lot of conversations with family and friends/mentors about what to do next.

As any job seeker will tell you, having a network of connections is invaluable. I can honestly say all but 1 job I’ve had since college was in some part related to having a connection to get my foot in the door (or resume noticed.) When I started looking for my next events role, thanks again to a helpful network, I found my way to a local meeting and event management company.

After a “get-to-know-you-for-possible-part-time-work” meeting turned into another meeting and then an interview, I landed a new job about 3 months ago that I’m so happy with. My new team is amazing and talented, I have my own office (with a door!) and have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and travel several times a year. PLUS – it’s only a 7-10 minute drive from home to work. Amazing, all things considered.

So, all this to say, it may take a while – but the best is always yet to come.

Be on the lookout for future posts showcasing a few photos from the various cities I’m traveling to – it will be fun to document where work takes me in the upcoming months! First up, Disney & Chicago!

  • {a cute corner of my new desk}

  • {office art installation from Papersource}

A Midwestern Belle @ Pacifier!

If you live in the Twin Cities, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Pacifier, the super cute and always chic baby boutique. I’m excited to announce that A Midwestern Belle baby items are now available at all 3 Pacifier locations!

Check out the neat assortment of 2-pack bibs, wooden teething rings and 2-pack burp cloths in Pacifier stores. The cool thing about the burp cloths? They turn into unique and cute kitchen towels when you’ve finished using them for baby! Plus, they’re extra large and can be used as a changing mat on the go or to wipe up spilled sippy cups.

As always, thanks for shopping locally and supporting handmade creations. I’ll be adding these items to my Etsy shop as well, so if you’re not local, you can still order.







Updating the Kitchen: After

After 2 weeks of taping, painting and climbing on the counters to reach the highest parts of the walls, the kitchen is finally done!


(ignore the dishes in the sink – they are part of real life!)

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